For Potential Nominees

(Click here for an overview of the church's nomination process)

This page is for a potential nominee, in order to help him assess his own heart and calling. If that is you, please take time to review these resources as you prayerfully consider your nomination. We hope they give a variety of perspectives or views into this calling, and help either affirm your desire to continue as a nominee or to decline nomination with a clear conscience. Please contact Jeff, Aaron, or Eric if you have questions along the way.

Potential Officer Booklet — includes more information about the initial interview, training phases, examination, election, ordination, and installation

Community and Church Profile — addresses the vision of City Church that an officer would be embracing, supporting and promoting

John Newton's Letter 24 to a Nobleman — captures many aspects of what we hope is the heart, the joy, the longing, and the growing sanctification at work in an elder